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Setting up your child’s android device – the power in Google accounts Ok, so I merely stumbled across this little gem when I got my kids new tablets for their birthdays. I figured that instead of having their million and one half face blurry selfies backed up to my google
Written by Ashley Taylor There are always new things to learn and ideas to consider when you’re thinking about how to best raise your children and be a parent. When you have a disability, however, there’s so much more you have to contemplate and examine to make a smoother transition
It’s time to share with you some important information about kids doing chores. The biggest question my customers ask me is “what chores should my kids be doing?” The answer is not as simple as you might think because the best way to teach your kids to do chores is
The amount of parental pressure these days is exhausting. “Do this, don’t do that” “More of this, less of that.” It seems like you’re always ruining your kids in one way or another, but the key to parental success is actually really simple. The nature of our society today leads
Dinner and bed time can be stressful for all parents. An evening routine chart can help your children prepare for bed and settle better.
All kids respond differently when they get told off for misbehaviour but there is something very simple you can do to teach them to listen instead of having a meltdown, answering back, or simply not listening at all. It might not work every single time for every child and may
These Easter egg crayons are super easy and they’re made by recycling those old and yucky crayons. It’s easy!! Recycle those old crayons Those who know me really well know that I don’t like throwing things out, especially when it comes to art and craft things. This means I have
Toilet training is hard work. Some children will just get it but other children will struggle throughout the entire process. Here are a few little tips to help make it easier for you and your little one, regardless of how difficult or easy it is for them it’s always important
We’ve all seen it. Those overly perfect pictures of the perfect decor, furniture, food, children… and we’ve all thought ‘my life doesn’t look like that’. Well, I have news for you… No one’s life actually looks like that 100% of the time. I post gorgeous photos on social media. I
Online gaming is the way of the future and your kids are going to want to engage. They see it as a way for them to play a game they love with their friends and perhaps even make new friends. Parents see it as an opportunity for predators to lure
Sometimes resolving sibling conflict is as simple as encouraging love instead of trying to fight off conflict with more conflict. Kids fight. Actually, all people fight. Siblings fight even more-so. They have different personalities, different interests, and they need to compete with each other for pretty much everything. So how
To my emotional child, I want you to know that I too have big feelings about little things. I know what it’s like to cry about things that other people don’t think matter. It’s really hard to not understand why you’re so upset, or why tears are streaming down your

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Written by Lillian Brooks According to a National Institute of Health study, approximately 5 percent of all American children have some kind of disability. There are many therapies designed to help mitigate the symptoms of various disabilities using visual, technological, multi-sensory, and other treatments. Art therapy has proven to be one of the
Literacy and play can go hand in hand. There are so many ways your child can practise learning their letters and sounds whilst having fun and even engaging in physical activity. Children don’t need to sit at a desk, in front of a TV or staring at a tablet in
Want to start the school year off with an engaged and smiling bunch of students? You need to do this! The class teddy If you have a class teddy or stuffed animal of some sort, you can put the request out for some stuffed friends to visit and spend the
The most clever number set you will see – It’s more than matching & learning numbers What makes a clever number set? An educational resource should be made with more than one intended use. As someone who has been both a teacher and a mother, getting value for money in
Sticky grammar and spelling Some spelling and grammar errors are everywhere these days (thanks internet). It’s not just kids that get certain English words wrong when spelling them… and with online interaction and social media being far more prevalent these days people are writing more and more. There are some
Why do we use ‘x as in box’? Teaching the X sound as ‘x as in box’ might seem like an unusual choice and possibly even misguided, but there are sound educational benefits to teaching ‘x as in box’. First of all, the vast majority of alphabet and phonics education
Understanding Minecraft Minecraft might not be as evil as you think. Many parents and teachers are scratching their heads about this Minecraft obsession that has taken over many households and the minds of young ones, but there’s more behind those blocks and the creepers. As an adult and teacher, I
The key to letters and sounds There’s no question – the English language is very complex and difficult to learn. Understanding what makes it so hard can help you make it easier for others to learn. I wrote this with my resources in mind but can be applied to many different

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Dinner and bed time can be stressful for all parents. An evening routine chart can help your children prepare for bed and settle better.
Mornings can be stressful especially on school days. A morning routine chart can help make your mornings easier for you and the kids.
Here is something a little different and fun that you can give your kids this Easter.
Get your kids packing their own bags with our magnetic school bag check list.