Get your kids packing their own bags with our magnetic school bag check list.

What’s in the set?

The set includes a base magnet chart and 6 smiley tokens per child. The base chart can include columns for up to 3 children.

The check list items are selected by YOU so the chart meets your needs and the needs of your children. You also get to select which colours you would like – this can really help with getting your children to engage.

Ways to use it…

Ideally this chart will be used by your children and without your assistance on school mornings. It helps your children keep track of what they need so you don’t have to think and keep track of it for all your children.

You can also use it for your children to prepare the night before school, or it can be a tool that you use with them.

When an item is placed in the school bag, your child (or you) puts a smiley token next to the item on the chart. When the chart is complete, the bag is ready to go!

Additional tips

Set up a school bag station and have this as a part of your area. All the items your children need for school can be organised in this area making it easier for them to prepare in the morning.

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