Dinner and bed time can be stressful for all parents. An evening routine chart can help your children prepare for bed and settle better.


What’s in the set?

The set includes a base magnet chart and 5 star tokens per child. The base chart can include columns for up to 4 children.

You can choose to have your children’s names written above the columns and also get to select which colours you would like – this can really help with getting your children to engage.


Ways to use it…

Ideally this chart will be used by your children and without your assistance in the evening. It helps your children keep track of what they need to do, so you don’t need to think for them! It’s very common for children to get distracted in the evenings and have trouble getting ready for bed. They’re tired and can’t process what they need to do.

Your children simply refer to the chart throughout the evening to help them remember what they need to do. Once they have completed a task, they place a star next to the step they have completed.

Additional tips

Surround the process with praise and positive feedback. Celebrate their independence and you will have them doing it with a smile on their face each and every night. It will help them feel good when they go to bed which will in turn help them fall asleep.

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