School holidays aren’t all peachy, and they aren’t all bad either. The photos from school holidays remind you of the wonderful times that were had and the smiles that were shared. That’s not all the holidays are made of though. Let’s evaluate!

The best bits

  • Not having to make lunches every morning
  • Pyjama days
  • Slow(er) mornings
  • Having time to do fun things
  • Having play dates
  • Movie sessions
  • Not having to nag as much
  • Having time to take a holiday
  • Kiddy cuddles
  • Making forever memories

The worst bits

  • Your kids are mortal enemies around 50 times a day
  • Holiday activities can be expensive
  • If you don’t go out, you get cabin fever
  • Bored kids = hungry kids
  • Your house is a mess, 24/7
  • You need to try and find space for the 20 new toys they just got for Christmas.
  • Some of those new toys take batteries and make noise.
  • If you do get to go away on a holiday you’ll need a holiday after parenting in another location.
  • If you work during the holidays, the cost of vacation care and the crazy mornings may just break you.

Is it really all that bad?

No. I still love school holidays. I love getting the chance to chill and play with my mini-me’s. It’s not always easy and some days I’m counting down the seconds until school starts again but for the most part the benefit outweighs the burden.

How do you feel about the holidays?

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