We’ve all seen it. Those overly perfect pictures of the perfect decor, furniture, food, children… and we’ve all thought ‘my life doesn’t look like that’.

Well, I have news for you... No one's life actually looks like that 100% of the time.

I post gorgeous photos on social media. I share those moments that make me proud, the moments that melt me, and those where we reach milestones. How many of you do the same?

Despite how some people perceive these images and people that post these images, none of us are pretending to have this perfect life. We’re not hiding behind this masquerade of ‘perfect’, not even remotely. 

What these pictures ACTUALLY are

These are the fleeting and magical moments in life we choose to capture to help us remember that it really isn’t bad all the time.

The 5 minutes in the day that the kids are hugging instead of fighting and it’s just bloody adorable.

The one meal from the week we managed to get right without burning the pan or ruining the dish, even if the kids refused to touch it (hey, we still actually put more effort in than cooking 2 minute noodles, woohoo!).

That time we got to go out with actual adults after the sun went down for actual adult time – omg, do you remember that? It was epic even if I did start yawning at 9:30pm.

The night you splurged on dinner at a restaurant… you actually escaped 2 minute noodles for once!

So, you posted some amazing pictures… and some people look at the things you post and think you’re bragging or trying to show everyone how good you are. They just don’t realise that those precious moments you managed to capture remind you how vital your life is. They are the moments that keep you going and get you through every hardship you face. Don’t think for one minute anyone has a perfect life by what they choose to share. Know that everyone suffers hardship and choosing to concentrate on what’s beautiful is worth celebrating.

Instead of looking at everyone else as if their lives are more wonderful than yours, help them celebrate their beautiful and they might just be able to survive the rest.

At the end of the day we’re all in the same boat. We all have the same struggles. It’s time to love more than hate, and not question people’s motives out of jealousy or a competitive need. Love, support, care.

Michelle xx

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