Here is something a little different and fun that you can give your kids this Easter.


What’s in the set?

The set includes a base basket magnet with a custom coloured bow.
It then also comes with 8 colourful magnetic Easter eggs that your children play with.

Ways to use it…

This gorgeous set is designed for your children to explore magnets and magnetic qualities in their environment. As they hide and/or search for the eggs, they’re finding out what magnets do and don’t stick to. You can ‘hide’ the eggs around the house by sticking them to metal objects and your children can collect them. Then, your children can find places to ‘hide’ the eggs for each other. They collect the eggs and return them to the basket on the fridge or whiteboard. It’s fun AND educational!


Additional tips

Take the opportunity to talk to your kids about what the eggs stick to and what they don’t. It’s a great time for hidden learning and exploration. Why not make an Easter egg hunt more than an Easter egg hunt?

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