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MagneTricks has changed...

We were the makers of stickers and magnets, and we did it really well. Unfortunately, personalising, printing and preparing each order was very time consuming and left very little time for much else.

We loved helping families more than anything, and have found a way to continue to do so without physically printing the products ourselves. We’re so excited to be able to continue making resources to make lives easier for families and to help kids enjoy learning.

We’re sorry if this disappoints some of our customers – we know many of you out there loved our magnets as much as we did. We hope you can still make use of what we have to offer.

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what it used to be

MagneTricks started out as a mum of young kids making magnets for other mums with young kids. 

First came the themed reward charts – after using wasteful and impractical sticker charts. The benefit of using magnets was being able to reuse the chart over and over again, and the themes were designed to fully engage your child in the system.

Next came the routine and chore sets. These were designed to help you deal with the more difficult aspects of parenting in a way that was user friendly, flexible and engaging for children. This category grew, along with the range of educational products. Check out the gallery below!

Here's what our customers HAVE SAID...

“They look amazing! Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to using it, my little man will enjoy using them too! Actually, the whole class I’m sure will get great benefit out of our new visual timetable. Thanks again!”

Michelle, VIC

“Amazing, flexible service. Speedy communication and always happy to work with you to achieve the end result required. These have been a lifesaver for us in our house, with a child now school aged with ASD these are a godsend. Great quality, vibrant colours, and so many options!”

Rach, QLD

“Love the MagneTricks charts for parents. Having these charts on my fridge has made getting ready in the morning so much easier. Plus I can change around the targeted behaviour. Love love love my chart and so do the kids. Thanks Michelle”

Julie, WA