Boredom Busters Activity Tool



  • Do your kids struggle to figure out what to do with their time despite having many things they could choose to do?
  • Do your kids just want to do the same thing all day every day like watch TV or play on devices?
  • Are you stuck at home during the school holidays due to poor weather or the expense of holiday activities?

I have created this simple little boredom busters activity tool to hopefully help with the above problems. The best part is there are a number of different ways you can use this tool. It consists of 3 A4 sheets with 6 different categories of activities. Here’s how you can use them:

  1. Write down different activities your kids have available to them in the appropriate categories. This can include anything your kids are familiar with and can do on their own or together – reading, drawing, puzzles, specific board games, etc.
  2. You can give your kids free choice of any category, a specific category, or even specify the activity. We have a dice with the images from each category. Whatever category comes up on the dice, my kids can select any activity from that category.
  3. You can impose time limits for each activity (e.g. after one hour they need to stop and select a different activity) or let them have free reign – whatever works best for you and your kids.
  4. There is a blank category which we use for our Switch but you can use it however suits you (the actual file does not have the Switch title on it).
  5. The boxes to the right of each activity can be marked with a magnet, token, pencil mark or marker (if laminated) to indicate when they have done that activity. Whether or not you need or want to do this is entirely up to you. If your child/children get stuck only wanting to do a single activity for days on end and you would like them to do something else, give them a time limit for it, mark it off and then let them choose something different.

We have some free colouring in pages if you need something to add to the list!