I will be blogging tips and tricks to help you get the most out of my products, or just to help with parenting and/or teaching in general.

A little about me…

I was a teacher for 6 years prior to having children and worked with over 700 children in that time. The products I make are made with an idea of ‘best practice’ and I want to share these ideas and strategies with you.

I have two beautiful little girls and slug it out as a single mummy. At times it’s tough, but I give it everything I’ve got.

I am by no means a perfect mother or teacher, and many things (like toilet training) I found as challenging as any other parent out there. If however I share my failures and triumphs with people, they may in fact be able to take something positive or something useful from the things I have learnt.

I am also excited to hear and share your ideas on what works in your house for your family. If you find a trick that works well for you and your children, I’d love to hear about it so I can share it with the MagneTricks community. Email me at michelle@magnetricks.com and please attach a picture of your little one/s using my products so I can assign it to the article.

Thanks for reading and welcome to the MagneTricks family!

🙂 Michelle

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  1. Michelle

    Thank you 🙂
    I’m very pleased you like my site and blog. Feedback is always a great way for me to gauge what people want and need. I hope to be blogging a lot more as soon as I can!

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