Christmas is a week away! School holidays are now upon many parents. Want something to do with the kids? Make a cute reindeer as a memento each year.


Some mums are very enthusiastic about crafts with their kiddies, others are not. There are variations of this very simple idea depending on how enthusiastic you are – I opted for easy this year but you might like to go the extra mile.

Basic reindeer


What you’ll need:

  • Coloured card
  • A pencil
  • Scissors (for you or for your children depending on their age and skill)
  • Googly eyes (or white paper and a black marker if you have no googlies)
  • A coloured pom pom (or something to manufacture a nose – can even just be card in a circle shape)
  • Glue and/or sticky tape (to fix the parts together)



  1. Decide what colours you will use for the reindeer parts (or let your children decide as mine did).
  2. Trace around your children’s hands for the shape of the antlers and allow them to decorate if you wish (there are really no limits as to how they can decorate these).
  3. Trace around one of each child’s feet for the face of the reindeer.
  4. Cut out the faces and the antlers of the reindeer once your children have finished decorating.
  5. Fix the antlers to the face and attach the nose and eyes
  6. With a black marker, write your child’s name and the year it was made.


That’s it! You have made a very simple keepsake. If you do this year after year, you can compare your children’s reindeer as they grow.

For those that like a bit of a challenge – make prints of your children’s hands and one of their feet to make their reindeer. Easiest way is to paint the paint onto their hands and foot with a paintbrush and have a bucket of water, cloth, towel, wet wipes handy.

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