Mummy time

You know that feeling you get when you’re really tired?

Tired of losing sleep… of conversing with someone who’s every response is ‘why?’. You’re tired of going to the toilet with bodies in the room, eyes watching and hands touching… of preparing food that doesn’t get eaten. Tired of being last (or non-existent) on your list of people to take care of. You’re not alone.

It’s time for some mummy time where the only person you need to think about is yourself. The only activities you’re planning (or not planning) are those that you need and you’re interested in. You’re not going to clean, do washing, get groceries or run errands. You’re going to do something selfishly and solely for YOU!

Date night can have its merits, but mummy time is about tending to only your needs and not having to consider anyone else in the process (for once).

'I can't justify mummy time', I hear you say.

Yes you can! I’ve always lived my mummy life by one very simple philosophy… What my children mean to other people is equally as valid as what they mean to me. Their relationships with other family members are equally as valid and as important as my relationship with them and I ask you this question… How often do they REALLY get to foster these relationships?

The best way to develop and maintain these bonds is without mummy being present. Not only does this give mummy the chance to have mummy time, but it gives your children the time to engage with other very important people and learn some very important skills. Allow those special people the time to spend with your children without you hovering or dictating how the time is spent. We all want the best for our children but what they gain from this is far more than what you can give them yourself.

What other benefits are there?

It’s actually really really nice to miss your kids!! To the point where having them touch you while you pee isn’t such a horrible thing and it can actually make you smile (lol). Never ever feel guilty for giving people the time to establish bonds with your children – other people don’t always see them as a burden.

What is mummy time?

Mummy time at home doing housework doesn’t actually count 😉 This is how I first tried spending mummy time, and I really didn’t feel better off! The best and most valuable mummy time has been when I’ve been away from my house – namely, a room in a hotel. Yes it can be expensive, and yes your spouse may very well be jealous and not understand your need for time by yourself… but this is to be expected. They’re not doing what you do day in, day out and much of the time being at home is the equivalent break for them.

Explain that you need quiet, calm, peace, and a lack of chaos that you simply cannot obtain at home. Some men and people for that matter simply won’t understand why you need to do this – but that’s ok, you can’t expect everyone to understand. All you can do is express your need and desire for mummy time, and take whatever variation of it you can get! As a result of the time away you will be able to cope better, love more and rock your entire world.

Most mummies forget that they leave very little for themselves day in, day out – it’s ok to give yourself time and allow your children to grow in the company of other people. If you understand what I’m saying… if you agree with what I’m saying… request from yourself the permission to take mummy time and see how it feels for you. From one mummy to another, you’re amazing.

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