Asked Questions

Customisation is easy! Simply choose your preferred options when adding a product to your cart. Some sets can be fully customised – add what you want to your set.

If what you want isn’t there or you need something a little different, check out the special orders page for instructions here.


Simply contact us with your story and what you’re looking for. Every home and family is different – My goal is to help you create the systems and environment you want.

See our special orders page for information.

The short answer is yes.

We do specialised wholesale pricing for fellow business owners and education stores on products purchased in bulk (this obviously does not apply to OOAK printed sets). If you’re interested in stocking any of our products, contact me.

These magnets are made with rubber which is what makes them flexible.

They have a glossy white vinyl surface upon which we print.

These magnets are thinner than some on the market. This makes them less dangerous, more cost effective and cheaper to ship. 

Yes, you can. Whiteboard markers can be used on any white areas of the charts.

Writing on the coloured areas with markers may not come off without a fight and may result in damage to your magnets.

Contact me! Systems are not perfect and sometimes things don’t work as they’re expected to. If there is a problem, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Your photos are kept on a single computer and are used to create your product. One month after your product has been shipped, your images are deleted.