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The story of magnetricks

My name is Michelle, I am a former teacher and mum to two beautiful little girls. MagneTricks started from a need – A need for me to get a grip on everything. I was struggling to juggle every responsibility and my kids felt the brunt of my frustrations – I wasn’t being the mum I wanted to be.

I decided to make some resources to help me and my girls get through our day to day. Little did I know, what I made was soon going to help hundreds of families with the same struggles.

My experience in teaching has really helped me create user friendly, flexible and durable products – because that’s what families need.

The mission

Parenting is hard. Engaging children positively is hard. I want to make life easier or all families. I want kids and parents to smile and I want children to love learning. I want to make little things easier so you can love life and the people around you.

MagneTricks magnetic charts

The products

Why are these magnets and stickers so special? They’re designed with YOU in mind. The components of each set are carefully planned to ensure each set remains true to the purpose – A goal to positively engage every child. They’re versatile in all the right places. They can help you while they help your children grow.

we want

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Our primary goal is not simply to push product so I can feed my kids, I genuinely want to help make life easier for others.

I do this in a number of different ways. I write blogs about engaging children, I make full customs sets for people who need something unique, I also have a number of free downloadable resources designed to help make your life easier.

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